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The idea

How did the idea of this wall arise? Well, mix our self-quarantining (late) chicken Esmeralda with the concept "bannerconcerts" from my former employer Boondoggle and BANG the idea of quarantinewall was born!

Esmeralda in a bookcase

Boondoggle - bannerconcerts

concept "bannerconcerts" (Boondoggle) - more info


This website is a solo project without commercial intents. Maybe, if the end result is too good to ignore, we'll present it as a physical installation on the International Photo Festival 'Lens op de mens' in Pelt, Belgium during the summer of 2021. But, let's not jump to conclusions, wait and see...

The website is build with the lovely CraftCMS.
The viruses spreading in the header are done with Vincent Garreau's particles-script.

❤ you all, keep healthy!